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We are now fortunate in our own city of Birmingham to be able to take advantage of many of the same services that we all have witnessed on a national level.

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Barbara McIntyre 2004 Winner


Ten Weeks Post-Op
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Liz Lusco 2003 Winner


One Year After
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Welcome to Makeover BirminghamTM

The producers and sponsors of Makeover BirminghamTM have just completed their second local makeover with Ms. Barbara McIntyre receiving facial cosmetic surgery from Dr. Daniel Rousso of the Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic and Dr. Paul Koch of Koch Aesthetic Dentistry. Ms. McIntyre also was the recipient of fitness training from Fitness Together, wardrobe from Deborah Wiggins of The Clothes Tree by Deborah, a new hair cut and color from Scott Thomason of Oak Street Hair Group and a cosmetics makeover by Jestina Howard of AWARE cosmetics. Barbara's Reveal Party was held compliments of Restaurant G in Birmingham December 15, 2004. Barbara's surgical changes resulted in her dramatic transformation as evidenced at the Reveal party during her interview with ABC's Linda Mays.

The producers and sponsors of Makeover BirminghamTM were extremely excited to be able to offer this life-changing experience to another lucky individual residing in the Birmingham community. Being able to sponsor an event like Makeover BirminghamTM is and will remain an especially rewarding experience for all, the Doctors, the Sponsors, the Recipient, and Birmingham.

You can now view ABC 33/40's coverage here on our website and hear more about Barbara's makeover transformation journey. View ABC 33/40's Coverage.

ABC 33/40 Coverage of Makeover Birmingham Series

Day 1  Interview of Dr. Rousso and Dr. Koch
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Day 2  Facial and Dental Consultations
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Day 3  Dental Surgery/Fitness and Nutrition Training
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Day 4  Facial Surgery/Hair and Style Consultation
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Day 5  Reveal Party at Restaurant "G" and Interview with Barbara McIntyre
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Meet Barbara - Click Here

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Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic Koch Aesthetic Dentistry Koch Aesthetic Dentistry

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